The World’s Hottest Place | LUT DESERT ( Dasht-e Lut )

LUT DESERT is the hottest spot on this Planet. The Lut Desert which is mostly inaccessible due to scorching temperatures beyond Human endurance and the lack of resources like Water. NASA has medium resolution imaging spectral radiometer installed on the aqua satellite recorded that the World’s hottest land surface was in the lot desert. Where temperatures reached 70.7° Celsius or 159.3°F in 2005 located in the South East of Iran.

The distance from the northernmost tip to the southernmost tip the Lut Desert is considered 480 kilometers and its distance from the westernmost tip to the easternmost tip is consider 320 kilometers. This vast salt desert contains many mysterious spots like Gandom Beryan . The hardest point on the planet where 70.7° Celsius is measured from Space. A West Plateau covered dark Volcanic rocks that are claimed to have no life on it’s surface. NASA has measured surface temperatures there for several years and has repeatedly seen record numbers in this Hell . Where the planet is cooked by the Sun. But Recently one traveler Ruhi Cenet found subspecies of Flies alive and dead in June 22.

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