How To Make Bubble Tea ? Boba Tea Recipe.

Bubble Tea (Boba Tea) is a yummy and refreshing drink that’s great for hot summer days. It’s made with black tea, tapioca pearls, brown sugar, and sweetened condensed milk, which makes it sweet and creamy. You don’t have to go to an expensive bubble tea shop to enjoy it. You can easily make it at home if you know how to boil water.

What Is Bubble Tea?

Boba tea, which is also called bubble tea, is a trendy drink that has gained popularity worldwide. But did you know that it actually has a long history in Taiwan? Legend has it that boba tea was first created in Taiwan back in the 1980s by a lady named Ms. Lin Hsi Hui. She added the tapioca balls from her dessert into her tea, and it was a huge hit among her friends and colleagues. The tea-room owner was quick to add it to his menu, and the rest is history.

What Exactly In Boba Tea?

While there are now many, many different variations traditional boba milk tea is made with black tea, tapioca pearls (aka “boba”), and milk or cream.

Bubble Tea Ingredients:

  1. Water
  2. Black Tea:  The most traditional ones are black tea and jasmine tea, which both have a robust flavor. Our recipe calls for 4 black tea bags, but you can also use loose-leaf tea. If you decide to use loose-leaf tea, you’ll need 1/4 cup.
  3. Black Tapioca : The balls in the tea are black tapioca pearls, which are soft and chewy, and made of starch. They are called boba, hence the name of the drink.
  4. Dark Brown Sugar
  5. Sweetened Condensed Milk

How To Make Bubble Tea?

While this recipe does require a lot of cooling time, it is easy to make. Here’s a summary:

  1. First, make the tea. Boil 4 cups of water and add the tea bags. Stir the tea bags a few times to make sure they are well-soaked in the hot water. Take the tea off the heat and let it cool down to room temperature, then remove the tea bags. Put the tea in the fridge to chill completely.
  2. Next, add some brown sugar to the mix. Stir the brown sugar and water over heat until the sugar dissolves. Let the mixture simmer for 3 minutes while stirring constantly. Once it thickens slightly, pour it over the syrup and stir to combine. Let the mixture cool down at room temperature.
  3. Prepare the tapioca pearls according to the instructions on the packaging. Once cooked, place them in a separate bowl.
  4. Now it’s time to serve your boba tea. Add the tapioca pearls and some syrup to the bottom of each glass. Add ice and pour a cup of tea over the top. Finally, add some sweetened condensed milk to each glass according to your taste. Gently stir everything together and enjoy your homemade boba tea!

Some Extra Tips For Bubble Tea:

If you’re making boba milk tea for the first time, here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. Be careful when boiling the brown sugar. It can boil over quickly, so be prepared to take it off the heat if it starts to boil rapidly to avoid a mess.
  2. Don’t refrigerate the tapioca pearls. The tea can be chilled in the fridge, but the tapioca cannot, so make sure to leave it at room temperature until you’re ready to use it.
  3. Start with a strong tea. Choosing a strong tea is a good idea because the ice and milk will tone down the flavor. So, if you normally prefer weaker tea, try starting with something a bit stronger than what you usually drink.

VIDEO How To Make Bubble Tea :

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