Two Heads, One Body- Incredible Life of Sohna and Mohna.

Two Heads, One Body. Even same genital is shared.

Yes they shared body with two heads one of is SOHNA and the other one is MOHNA. They share a Stomach, a Liver, a Bladder and Anus together. The heart’s locks and brains of Sohna and Mohna Singh brothers are separate and their own. They were born with one of the rarest cases in the world. They share a stomach , a liver, and one pair of leg. The hearts, Lungs and Brains of Sohna and Mohna Singh brothers are separate and their own. Though they are connected by their bodies but they both have distinctive personalities and point of views, choices and opinions.

Sohna and Mohna are twins who are joined together physically. They recently got a job working for the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited in Amritsar, which is run by the government. They started working on December 20, 2021, and they are both 19 years old.

Even though they are joined together, Sohna and Mohna have different personalities. Sohna is more assertive and likes to take charge, while Mohna is quieter and more gentle. It’s easy to tell the two apart because of their distinct personalities.

Sohna and Mohna, The Conjoined Twins

When Sohna and Mohna were born, the doctors were worried about whether they would survive. They were born together on June 14, 2003, at a hospital in Delhi, and were then taken to a bigger hospital called All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to see if they could be separated. But the doctors said that if they separated them, one twin would die, and the other would have problems with their legs and blood vessels.

Sohna and Mohna’s parents, Kamini and Surjit Kumar, couldn’t take care of them because they already had three daughters and couldn’t afford it. So when the twins were two months old, they abandoned them.

The doctors at AIIMS then contacted a home for the destitute called All India Pingalwara Charitable Society (Regd.) in Amritsar. The twins were taken there on August 15, 2003, and were given the names Sohna and Mohna. Dr. Inderjit Kaur welcomed them to the home, and the boys lovingly call her “Biji.”

Since the doctors said the twins needed special care, the home gave them a separate room and had four nurses take care of them in shifts.

shona and mohna conjoined twin

The Beautiful Story;

Sohna and Mohna, the mischievous conjoined twins, were always playing pranks on people in their adoption home, but they were also very smart and dedicated in their studies. They were always curious and loved taking things apart to see how they worked. They wanted to become independent, so they earned a diploma in electrical work from ITI and got a job at Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL).

Sohna is the one who got the job, and Mohna helps him take care of the electrical appliances. They will be paid a salary of ₹20,000 per month and will be working in the supply control room at the 66-KV PSPCL office as the Regular T Mate (RTM). They were hired because they already had some experience in the field.

Now that they are 18 years old, they applied separately to claim their right to vote. The Election Commission had to decide whether they would be considered as separate individuals or would cast a joint vote. Finally, they were registered, and they will have two votes to cast.

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